Dushan was a Co-Founder of The 86 Co, a distilled spirits company whose objective was to develop products that are tailored for the needs of modern craft bartenders, chefs and restauranteurs.

Dushan was leading the product development department and with the help of over 100 different bartenders around the world provided the final direction to make these products become now a must have behind any serious cocktail bar.

Dushan’s focus was mostly on Tequila Cabeza, Caña Brava Rum and Aylesbury Duck Vodka. He also helped Simon Ford choose the final formula for Fords Gin, the most successful brand of The 86 Co.

Dushan’s extensive experience in product development and spirit tasting makes him an ideal choice for your liquid needs.

Clients include, Pernod Ricard USA, The 86 Co, Coca Cola Hellenic and many more.