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Dushan is a world renowned mentor and teacher. For his work he was awarded the most prestigious award in the hospitality world, The Best Bar Mentor 2014 at Tales of the Cocktail. His lectures are designed to inspire young professionals and seasoned operators alike. Dushan has taught throughout the world at the most relevant cocktail and bar conferences such as, Tales of The Cocktail, BCB Berlin, London Bar Show, Nightclub & Bar Show Las Vegas, Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Arizona Cocktail Week, San Antonio Cocktail Conference, Athens Bar Show, Moscow Bar Show among others.

Besides the aforementioned conferences, Dushan is a very successful inspirational speaker and is helping companies, restaurant and hotel groups to inspire and guide their employees and management in wholesome application of work ethic, attitude and personal and team development.

Some of his most successful lectures:

The Bartender Survival Course:
Why being of Service to others is a privilege

How to Create a Team:
Long term success with wholesome team growth

Cocktail Evolution in the era of modern Gastronomy

Health, Wellness and other things:
Keeping your body and mind healthy

Born to Mix: Sprits “Made” for Cocktails

Everything you ever wanted to know about opening a restaurant,
but were afraid to ask