A successful bar and beverage program is more than just featuring an integrated and balanced cocktail menu that fits your program. It requires a dedicated and enthusiastic team that is lead in a professional and responsible manner.

Through his consulting company, Black Owl Consulting, Dushan and his team provide a wholesome guidance from bar and equipment design, training, cocktail menu development and continuous oversight of your program.     

Dushan has over 15 years of consultancy experience to draw from in order to provide you with the best possible option for your concept.



Dushan is one of the pioneers of craft cocktail renaissance since 1997. His direct mentor is Dale DeGroff aka King Cocktail, universally known as the father of modern mixology. Dushan specialises in both classic and contemporary cocktail development using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to fit the specific needs of your gastronomical concept.

The choice of the right equipment and tools for your bar program is paramount for the success and performance of your team. From ice machines, refrigeration units, counter tops over to specialised equipment we will provide you with the right choice of OSE for a long term success.

“A team is not hired – it is created”. This is the foundation of Dushan’s training program. We will create an in house apprenticeship program that will produce the right professionals for your bar. The team is lead from the beginning to adopt a responsible professional relationship and in time become a true member of our lineage. Through a time tested work and study program the team members start at the level of bar-preparation and bar-stocker over to full time apprentice, bartender and finally principal bartender. This is a very rigorous process that involves peer reviews and constant creative and personality challenges. Once a team member understands “what not to do” they are ready to become a principal bartender in our lineage and thus can effectively pass on their knowledge to the team under them.

For bartenders distilled spirits, liqueurs, cordials and fortified wines are “liquid tools”. At the present moment however it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate through the marketing narratives and half truths that most brands put out there. With his longtime experience in working and producing distilled spirits Dushan will provide your FOH staff with relevant and true information about production methods, history and service standards of all “liquid tools”.

As the craft cocktail movement evolves it is crucial that bartenders stay on top of new techniques and methodologies in mixing. A cocktail is like a story, it has a beginning, middle and an end. The three dimensionality of a cocktail is what makes it integrated, wholesome and pleasant. To that end we provide extensive training of classic and contemporary techniques paired with in depth palate training and development.

Using a variety of home-made ingredients will add consistency and unique personality for both your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage offering. Besides being cost effective and full flavoured, Dushan’s recipes and techniques in home-made ingredient production are inspired from the culinary world and will provide your staff with basic culinary knowledge and literacy.

Architects do not have to work behind the bars they design, but bartenders do! Please consult us before you sign off on the architect’s design for your bar. You will save money, time and most importantly be able to provide your team with a proper comfortable tool that is professionally executed and build to last.

Classic Cocktails are classics because they last. However the recipes for those classics often differ form author to author and can be easily made using wrong ingredients and/or techniques. Dushan was mentored by Dale DeGroff in precisely classic cocktail execution, history and techniques and is a master of Classic American Bartending. As a published author, Dushan will provide you with a library of classic cocktail recipes that are tested and true to the original creation.



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