Dushan Zarić is the cocktail mastermind behind world-famous New York  bars Employees Only and Macao Trading Co.

He is widely recognized as an industry leader and a pioneer in craft bartending; his innovative work behind the bar has revolutionized the art of the cocktail. 

Dushan specializes in creating cocktails with a classic inspiration, and then updated with modern twists and extraordinary ingredients. His unforgettable drink programs are legendary, successful and beyond compare, while his lighthearted unpretentious approach to mixology is both refreshing and accessible.   

As a seasoned and trusted mentor – Dushan conducts staff trainings and workshops that are as powerful as his beverage programs. He is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of bartenders to both thoroughly understand and take pride in their craft. 

Dushan has over 15 years of consultancy experience to draw from in order to provide you with the best possible option for your concept. Through his consulting company, Black Owl Consulting, Dushan and his team provide a wholesome guidance from bar and equipment design, training, cocktail menu development and continuous oversight of your program. 

Cocktail Development
& Recipes

OSE Advice
& Consulting

Bartender & Apprentice training program

Distilled Spirits Education
& Service Standards

Mixology Techniques
& Palate Training

Home-made Ingredients
& Basic Culinary Education

Bar Design & Layout

Standardisation of
Classic Recipes

Dushan’s lectures are designed to inspire young professionals and seasoned operators alike. Dushan was awarded the most prestigious award in the hospitality world, The Best Bar Mentor 2014 at Tales of the Cocktail and has taught throughout the world at the most relevant cocktail and bar conferences.

Besides the conferences, Dushan is a very successful inspirational speaker and is helping companies, restaurant and hotel groups to inspire and guide their employees and management in wholesome application of work ethic, attitude and personal and team development.


If you are looking for that special cocktail experience for an event, corporate event, wedding or private dinner Dusan and his team will deliver a tailor-made cocktail and service experience for you and your guests. 

Cocktail Classes

Have you ever taken a cocktail class? We will provide you with a customized cocktail learning experience that is both fun and educational. Infused with interesting historical facts and contemporary methods of mixology, Dushan’s cocktail class is sure to deliver a memorable experience to your corporate event or home entertaining.

Dushan was a Co-Founder of The 86 Co, a distilled spirits company whose objective was to develop products that are tailored for the needs of modern craft bartenders, chefs and restauranteurs.

Dushan was leading the product development department and with the help of over 100 different bartenders around the world provided the final direction to make these products become now a must have behind any serious cocktail bar. Some of the clients include, Pernod Ricard USA, The 86 Co, Coca Cola Hellenic, Moet & Hennessy.